A Response to “4 Reasons Why Becoming a Vegetarian is a f*ing Stupid Idea”


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I’m going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s being completely serious, so here are my comebacks.

Counter-arguments in order:

1. Vegetarians and vegans do not aim to save the lives of non-sentient life. The point is to save the lives of animals that are developed enough to feel. If you know anything about microorganisms, you know they multiply very quickly and we couldn’t kill them all off even if we tried.

2. If you really don’t think there are scientific studies out there proving the benefits of living a meatless life, try it for two weeks with the aide of a professional nutritionist. Once you conduct an experiment yourself, you’ll have real statistical data to show people and convince them.

3. You aren’t really making an argument other than pointing out that vegan food is less pleasurable to consume than meat. You might be right about the taste thing but the point of being vegan or vegetarian is to change your perspective from eating for pleasure to eating because you are what you eat. If you eat dead flesh, you are dead spiritually. If you eat living fruits, vegetables, cereals (grains and such) and drink water you begin lifting your spirit up.

4. You just said vegetarians don’t get to eat meat, so your argument collapses on itself. The logic you use is a complete fallacy because chemically the end result in no way resembles animal flesh. Between the stages of the animals being eaten and plants absorbing them for nutrients is decomposition.
Plants grow -> Animal eats plant -> Animal gets eaten by another animal -> Animals decompose -> Soil absorbs decomposition -> Plants absorb soil’s nutrients ->(repeat)


I fall into the category of people who are vegetarian for health reasons (I have no choice), and I don’t agree with a lot of what PETA does or is. I would be vegetarian even if I didn’t have to be. The irony in your parting statement about rethinking the logic behind what you believe is off the charts. This entire article could be classified as an archetype for someone with cognitive dissonance attempting to align their beliefs with reality. If there were a more intelligent species than human here, your paradigm would allow for you and all of humankind to be eaten.


Why Intelligent People Don’t Believe In Equality


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The title is not meant to deceive you, nor make you disagree. More often than not, people say they want equality but they mean something else. Not being aware of what exactly that something is causes one to succumb to using inappropriate phrasing and miscommunicated intentions.

An intelligent person does not want equality because equality sets every person up with the same allocated resources and opportunities without regard to a person’s identity or subjective needs.

An intelligent person should value equity far above equality because equity is what makes every person equally valuable and equally respectable. The words are not interchangeable. Saying one does not mean the other.

If you stand for equality, then you’re still as selfish, if not more selfish, than the people you stand to fight against. If you stand for equity, in any situation, you will always be right.

I can’t call myself a feminist or an activist for any isolated groups for the reason that too many people are in fact fighting to have the same and not to be valued. Personally, differences have never caused me to see anyone as inferior or invaluable and I support anyone who strives to be happy.



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They pay good money from their advertising budget just to deceive people. What they call free is not free. What they call free is you paying and then receiving your “free” perks along with whatever you have to buy to enjoy any of their services.


So save your time, and find literally anyone else.


If they’re already lying to you before helping you, it’s fair to say you dodged a bullet.

Why Are So Many Young People Having Back Pain?


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At first, this started off as an entry point for a rant about me feeling old because of back pains, but then I gradually realized I’m not alone. A lot of people I know and even more that I don’t know are having back and spine problems.

I’m no doctor, but I do study people. One contribution to this phenomenon I strongly sense is the average person’s worsening posture. People used to have reasons to look up, but people are always looking down.

Another reason this could be is sheer electronic usage. Using a phone or computer causes neck and spine straining over long periods of time. I know even when I try to hold my phone properly in front of myself, my arms can only cooperate for a few minutes. When most people start off with a correct sitting position, over time maintaining that position becomes more difficult.

If I were a doctor, I’m certain I would be mentioning exercise at least once. Which leads me to stretching. When computers were new and all the rage, there were many people aware of the dangers of carpal tunnel and posture issues and they accommodated with exercises specifically designed to stretch the wrist and spine. People don’t care about that anymore.

People used to go outside more because there was a demand for it. If you didn’t go outside, you would never talk to friends or get to progress in your career or meet new people or learn how to drive.

Now, you don’t have to go outside to do anything. So, people are using their energy on more sedentary activities. Even older generations are becoming conditioned to this lifestyle. Playing outside used to mean playing outside. Now, playing outside means playing with electronics outside.

What can we do to combat this situation?

For starters, become continuously aware of your sitting posture. Try to look down for very short periods at a time, and practice looking up.

Stretch frequently. If you use computers often, do wrist exercises as well. Every twenty minutes you should take a few minutes away from using whatever electronic you’re using and stretch the neck and spine. Usually, this aides in keeping you posture-conscious.

Do things that involve not sitting. Like standing, but not while on your phone.

Educate others on the risks they take by always looking down with no breaks in-between.

Also, the body needs calcium.

Next time someone asks you about that back pain, you can say, “What back pain? I’m posture-conscious.”


Baker’s in San Bernardino Keeps Messing Up


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I hate to admit it, especially now, but I am a lover of the Inland Empire’s Baker’s restaurants. I frequent many different locations, and I repeatedly regret going to the Baker’s on Kendall.

A couple years ago, I filed a complaint using their website’s email option and within a few days I was emailed and within a few weeks I was lightly compensated for the negative experience I had.

At least six other times after, my order was prepared so incorrectly that I tried to contact Baker’s again and they stopped replying to my complaints.

Every other time I’ve attended that specific Baker’s since then, I have had equally bad or worse experiences. For example, about a month ago, I paid with a hundred dollar bill and I was told a different amount than was on the receipt and given incorrect change. Not just a few sense. It was approximately ten dollars.

Guess what? Baker’s refuses to acknowledge my emails. I’m not about to call the corporate office for less than twenty bucks but I sure am willing to write about it.

Tonight, I was given a disappointingly incorrect meal instead of what I ordered, so I’m going to savor this giant green tea and go to bed moderately bitter towards one of my fast food favorites.

Don’t go to the Baker’s on Kendall. Go to the other Baker’s restaurants. They haven’t disappointed me nearly as many times.


The Purpose of Life Right Now


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Regardless of whether you’re a creationist or an evolutionary, you may be able to see the truth from wherever you stand if you take a second look.

If we all just take a few minutes to stop pointing fingers, and start recognizing that solutions to most of our problems already exist, the environment for some social enlightenment might be in the near future.

The purpose of life right now is to recognize all of the negativity in the world as lessons we should learn from. Problems frequently arise as part of the human experience, and what better way to retain knowledge of what not to do than to experience problems first-hand?

Every illness, every violent action, every battle, every deceitful motive, every genetic conflict, every lost attachment. These are all lessons for our and the next generation’s future.

People are going to continue to be selfish until they have no other choice but to give in to a world of humility. Those with ears to hear, you are always being watched.

Remember to always keep in mind, the reason things are allowed to get so bad is because this life is an illustration for us and the rest of the universe of what not to do.

I’m Making a Tabletop Game


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For about a year, I’ve been trying to make a fun game with what I have in front of me. The finish line is in sight now and I just wanted to start the hype off with this short message. 

Draw Brawl is easy enough for an eight year old to play but captivating enough for a 110 year old to play. Imagine a game where you get to draw your character for each round, prepare for battle with eighty possible card effects and roll to determine who dies first! 

Draw Brawl is coming soon!

How to Survive the Toxicity of Life


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Stop reading the news. Any vital information will make its way to you without you seeking it.

Stop blaming even one of your problems on anyone else. You cannot solve a problem if you do not claim it.

Stop expecting things to happen. Waiting for life to throw you a lifesaver isn’t nearly as effective as swimming. Stagnating is wasting your gifts.

Stop expecting apologies. No one owes anyone anything. Let people be who they are. If you don’t like it, find new people. Forgiving and forgetting are the most common qualities in happy people.

Stop making excuses. The reality is that everything that’s good takes time and patience and effort.

Start reading in between the lines. See the lessons in negative situations.

Start taking responsibility for every circumstance and you’ll regain power over self.

Start setting things up to happen and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see some dominoes fall.

Start being the bigger person in every situation so that you can move past whatever it is you find yourself stuck in.