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This list applies to blogs, websites, web shows, and anything that falls into those categories.

5. Clothing

How much do people pay for advertising? Upwards of thousands? Well, they work so hard when you could achieve the same results with less than a considerable fraction of their budget. Spend between $30-$100 per customized outfit and you have yourself a breathing, walking advertisement. One that will create conversation, be seen, have monitored results and that has alternative utility. This is something most small businesses appear to overlook.

4. Filming / Writing / Creating for a tangible group

You can be certain someone will share a video, blog, article, or program if they were involved. Collaborations with any school, organization, club, city, town, clique, or other group will be self-advertising. People love being part of it all. They feel special, and you only spent time.

3. Feature someone already popular, and even people who are new and rising

These genres of blogs gain traction easily. People love to see who and what is in the now. This requires approval and support from the person you’re featuring. Imagine the rush of fans and potential fans who happen to discover your website as a result. This is sometimes an event that needs more preparation than other creative pursuits.

2. Business cards with utility other than information

These are awesome when done correctly. A locksmith once created one with a lock-picking set built in. You might want to make something like a dotted cut-out design, or something really colorful. Maybe create a little game field on your business card so people keep using the card. Too many business cards end up in the trash despite their expensive-looking designs.

1. Hold a live event

This sounds very expensive and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Live events don’t have to be planned to be fun, but a for the event to be memorable, it has to be fun. If you’re a food blog, hold a bake sale or something food related. If you’re a music blog, start a battle of the bands or something music related. If you’re like me and you have a variety of content, you often have to choose one genre at a time, or find enough like-minded individuals to hold an event.