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True Blogging refers to the maturing stages of blogs and bloggers. It is very possible to go the inverse way, if you allow it. Different groups and ages respond subjectively to various stages of writing. I think the biggest difference between blogging for a living and blogging for fun is the fun part. It becomes work once you’re dependent on your blog to eat and sleep. So, if you enjoy blogging, don’t do it professionally. Just be happy you can get your writing published.

I used to write very informally, primarily due to being pissed off or tired, but styles change with time. I still get pissed off and tired, so that style hasn’t subsided.

Some people respond better to ACTION-PACKED writing with tons of EXTREME verbs, ADVENTUROUS nouns and AWESOME adjectives. These are usually visually-oriented people, so pictures are always popular. As a cartoonist, I should take advantage of this more, but I’m not a conventional artist.

This was drawn on the spot to portray the word EXTREME

This was drawn on the spot to portray the word EXTREME

Take That, Stupid People started off as a ranting blog where I would write about things that are considerably stupid to the general public. Most of which happened to be American.

I’ll get more rants up soon. There’s always politics and celebrity news to complain about. 

Over time, most blogs switch from creativity mode to auto-pilot and start posting lower quality content than they used to due to the fan base and desire to attract an even wider audience.

Blogging is easy to screw up. Your entire following could disappear one day, or you could become the biggest thing online overnight. The fact of the matter is that people who aren’t careful put themselves in a vulnerable position.

Being careful about what you say doesn’t mean you have to censor yourself. Just don’t infringe on anyone’s rights.

People want to see what they like. It doesn’t matter who you are because people will like you for what you do on the internet, not who you are, unless you’re famous.