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Today, the domain name was finally registered. And if you type it in your browser, you’re here on this website.

Sure, it’s not a big deal to most. It’s just a name.

But there are many unsaid benefits to getting yourself a domain name.

Search engines consider domain names priority over blogs without their own domain names. For a reasonable annual fee, this alone can justify the means.

The name is your branding. You’re at risk of being robbed of intellectual property. It’s too difficult to take that to court over. Your preventive measures to protect your own work is important. Buying a domain establishes a presence among other brands.

Names are convenient. If you tell someone to visit Take That, Stupid People, won’t they automatically assume it’s takethatstupidpeople.com 90% of the time? Yes. They will.

Domains are worth it. The statistical benefits of having a .com domain name assure exponential growth for anyone looking to profit from a website.