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Email: mmautrey@gmail.com

1. I’ll write an album just for you
2. I’ll show up and play it too
3. I will design forms and signs
4. And any more graphic design
5. I can animate a show
6. Or make comics for prices low
7. I can paint or photograph
8. I can photoshop and edit that
9. If you want a model, I’m the guy
10. I can act, tell jokes, but I still can’t fly.
11. I can advertise online
12. I can keep campaigns on time
13. I can make your PowerPoint
14. Or research how to make some coin
15. You need graphs or charts from me
16. Perhaps if not a sculpted piece
17. I also have made mini games
18. And online tests that aren’t the same
19. Network’s down? I’ll take a look.
20. Give me a month to write your book
21. I can manage people too
22. I’m not too good to clean a room
23. I even create pixel art
24. I’ll record scenes and edit parts
25. This should prove one thing at least,
That I can write in rhymes with ease.

Prices negotiable