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Everyone’s an artist of some kind or another. When I think of functional art, technology or glassblowing comes to mind.

There’s an entire world of quirky art, and edible art is one of my favorites.

Chocolate bars, truffles, strips and rolls are fun to eat, but who doesn’t want to justify playing with their food?

Gingerbread houses have the right direction, but lack ingenuity. An edible house and resident make a great decoration, attraction and dessert.

What would happen if someone stepped it up a few notches?


Shiiiiit. I might become a professional candy artist… 


I can already imagine the competitions.

“Candy Chefs, George Paolini, David McMillin and Diana Sanchez will have thirty minutes per round to use voted ingredients to create the most original, best tasting and most artistic treat possible. ”

It would literally fit on (almost) any channel.

Would you watch it?