As an artist, I try to dabble in many different areas. I tried realistic art, abstract and objective and a world of sub-genres. They all made sense in my mind. The keys to a successful piece in art are passion and confidence.

When I started trying to design graphics, it felt fun (at first). Manipulating text, creating balance and being stylistic seemed straightforward (at first). But when I tried putting some time into making a revenue stream from graphic design, everything changed.

Mind you, my prices started at one dollar, and people still complained. If the price was too low, it may as well have been free. If the price was much higher, it wasn’t good enough for the value.

The reviews were mostly unsupportive. Strangers called me a disgrace for even calling myself a graphic designer. Others told me they had never seen a worse portfolio.

So, what did I do? I went to look at other people’s portfolios. It turns out “good” graphic design has to look pretty terrible. The “best” graphic designers have some really questionable designs.

Honestly, the “best” portfolios look like shit. My portfolio consisted of a mixture of simple and complex designs. I successfully hybridized artistic style into my designs.

In retrospect, I’m thinking the opposition was either jealous or loyal to the traditions of graphic design. I proposed something new. That scares people.

I don’t understand why terrible graphic design is praised and original designs are scorned.