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Not everyone can be Ken Bone, but if Ken Bone can be Ken Bone, then you too can be yourself. If you aren’t familiar with Ken Bone, he’s an average US voter who went from three followers to millions in a week.

How did he do it? All he really did was ask a couple questions on television. He offered himself exactly as he was. His words, genuine and his attire, appropriate. It was as if he were hired to be there at that exact moment.

Other notable overnight successes have included shows like True Detective or videos like Too Many Cooks and Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared, but there’s something all of these things have in common.

Hard work. Ken Bone didn’t have a goal in mind when he went on to ask Trump and Clinton his questions.

All of these winners had ambition and truth to their character. Even if you use all of the tricks and tips in every book, you still might not end up where you wish you were because you’re focusing on the results.

Emailing, engaging commentary, adjusting SEO keywords, contests, giveaways, content marketing, Guerilla marketing, or having a ton of friends is going to be helpful but nothing will guarantee anything.

If you want guaranteed followers, you can purchase followers. I do not endorse these kinds of services but they exist for a reason. Why not buy your enemy followers and then frame them? 

Well, maybe there are some other malicious ways you could get a thousand or more followers very quickly.

Some benign ways that have helped other people are features, events, television programs, local assistance, pro-bono work and building anticipation.




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