Often we fear having meaningful conversations, and by meaningful, I mean topics such as exopolitics, spirituality, health, consciousness and other profound subjects, due to the nature of close-minded responses like “well, what can I do?”

Generally, your average joe is not going to make a change without necessity. Some people will not make a change even after needing to. For the rest of us, we really do dwell on the question “what am I supposed to do?”

The short answer is “help”. If you see an opportunity to make an impact, take it. Many people will reject your help, so it might be best to begin with someone asking for help.

Stop pretending like you don’t have a purpose. Our purpose is progress.

Stop being afraid to mess up. Mistakes are life’s teachers.

Stop limiting yourself to what others tell you.

Start using who you are to make a difference one step at a time.




Here are a few actual suggestions in case you’re still wondering.

  1. Share truth.
  2. Express yourself artistically.
  3. Write down Your thoughts
  4. Build useful things.
  5. Be useful.