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I never realized how unconscious I was until I started being conscious about consciousness. Ask yourself what am I doing? Why am I doing it?

Not just now, but every day and every time something takes your mind away, ask yourself. Sentient beings cannot improve their ability to think without being aware of why, what and where the thoughts are. Not every thought is original. This goes especially for negative thinking.

Reduce your anxiety, increase your energy, raise your empathy and improve thinking all by being aware of what you’re doing, why, how and where.

Also, spiritually, you need food. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from food, it’s that unhealthy food takes longer and harsher periods to digest. When you know something is the truth, you mentally digest it much faster than something negative or false.

To be happy, we need to tell ourselves positive truths, eat healthy food regularly and evaluate our thinking processes.