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Stop reading the news. Any vital information will make its way to you without you seeking it.

Stop blaming even one of your problems on anyone else. You cannot solve a problem if you do not claim it.

Stop expecting things to happen. Waiting for life to throw you a lifesaver isn’t nearly as effective as swimming. Stagnating is wasting your gifts.

Stop expecting apologies. No one owes anyone anything. Let people be who they are. If you don’t like it, find new people. Forgiving and forgetting are the most common qualities in happy people.

Stop making excuses. The reality is that everything that’s good takes time and patience and effort.

Start reading in between the lines. See the lessons in negative situations.

Start taking responsibility for every circumstance and you’ll regain power over self.

Start setting things up to happen and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see some dominoes fall.

Start being the bigger person in every situation so that you can move past whatever it is you find yourself stuck in.