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Regardless of whether you’re a creationist or an evolutionary, you may be able to see the truth from wherever you stand if you take a second look.

If we all just take a few minutes to stop pointing fingers, and start recognizing that solutions to most of our problems already exist, the environment for some social enlightenment might be in the near future.

The purpose of life right now is to recognize all of the negativity in the world as lessons we should learn from. Problems frequently arise as part of the human experience, and what better way to retain knowledge of what not to do than to experience problems first-hand?

Every illness, every violent action, every battle, every deceitful motive, every genetic conflict, every lost attachment. These are all lessons for our and the next generation’s future.

People are going to continue to be selfish until they have no other choice but to give in to a world of humility. Those with ears to hear, you are always being watched.

Remember to always keep in mind, the reason things are allowed to get so bad is because this life is an illustration for us and the rest of the universe of what not to do.