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I hate to admit it, especially now, but I am a lover of the Inland Empire’s Baker’s restaurants. I frequent many different locations, and I repeatedly regret going to the Baker’s on Kendall.

A couple years ago, I filed a complaint using their website’s email option and within a few days I was emailed and within a few weeks I was lightly compensated for the negative experience I had.

At least six other times after, my order was prepared so incorrectly that I tried to contact Baker’s again and they stopped replying to my complaints.

Every other time I’ve attended that specific Baker’s since then, I have had equally bad or worse experiences. For example, about a month ago, I paid with a hundred dollar bill and I was told a different amount than was on the receipt and given incorrect change. Not just a few sense. It was approximately ten dollars.

Guess what? Baker’s refuses to acknowledge my emails. I’m not about to call the corporate office for less than twenty bucks but I sure am willing to write about it.

Tonight, I was given a disappointingly incorrect meal instead of what I ordered, so I’m going to savor this giant green tea and go to bed moderately bitter towards one of my fast food favorites.

Don’t go to the Baker’s on Kendall. Go to the other Baker’s restaurants. They haven’t disappointed me nearly as many times.