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The title is not meant to deceive you, nor make you disagree. More often than not, people say they want equality but they mean something else. Not being aware of what exactly that something is causes one to succumb to using inappropriate phrasing and miscommunicated intentions.

An intelligent person does not want equality because equality sets every person up with the same allocated resources and opportunities without regard to a person’s identity or subjective needs.

An intelligent person should value equity far above equality because equity is what makes every person equally valuable and equally respectable. The words are not interchangeable. Saying one does not mean the other.

If you stand for equality, then you’re still as selfish, if not more selfish, than the people you stand to fight against. If you stand for equity, in any situation, you will always be right.

I can’t call myself a feminist or an activist for any isolated groups for the reason that too many people are in fact fighting to have the same and not to be valued. Personally, differences have never caused me to see anyone as inferior or invaluable and I support anyone who strives to be happy.