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I’m going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s being completely serious, so here are my comebacks.

Counter-arguments in order:

1. Vegetarians and vegans do not aim to save the lives of non-sentient life. The point is to save the lives of animals that are developed enough to feel. If you know anything about microorganisms, you know they multiply very quickly and we couldn’t kill them all off even if we tried.

2. If you really don’t think there are scientific studies out there proving the benefits of living a meatless life, try it for two weeks with the aide of a professional nutritionist. Once you conduct an experiment yourself, you’ll have real statistical data to show people and convince them.

3. You aren’t really making an argument other than pointing out that vegan food is less pleasurable to consume than meat. You might be right about the taste thing but the point of being vegan or vegetarian is to change your perspective from eating for pleasure to eating because you are what you eat. If you eat dead flesh, you are dead spiritually. If you eat living fruits, vegetables, cereals (grains and such) and drink water you begin lifting your spirit up.

4. You just said vegetarians don’t get to eat meat, so your argument collapses on itself. The logic you use is a complete fallacy because chemically the end result in no way resembles animal flesh. Between the stages of the animals being eaten and plants absorbing them for nutrients is decomposition.
Plants grow -> Animal eats plant -> Animal gets eaten by another animal -> Animals decompose -> Soil absorbs decomposition -> Plants absorb soil’s nutrients ->(repeat)


I fall into the category of people who are vegetarian for health reasons (I have no choice), and I don’t agree with a lot of what PETA does or is. I would be vegetarian even if I didn’t have to be. The irony in your parting statement about rethinking the logic behind what you believe is off the charts. This entire article could be classified as an archetype for someone with cognitive dissonance attempting to align their beliefs with reality. If there were a more intelligent species than human here, your paradigm would allow for you and all of humankind to be eaten.