A Profound Story


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I asked my friend why she was sad and this is what she said.

“I was sad because I was hungry but I just cereal so I’m ok…” 

That’s the beginning middle and end. Amazing. 


Everything Is


Every single word I type is a container.

A container for meaning does not have to be a word.

Any symbol can contain meaning.

Everything is deeper than it seems at first glance.

A shallow pool always derives from a more vast source.


I’m Making a Tabletop Game


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For about a year, I’ve been trying to make a fun game with what I have in front of me. The finish line is in sight now and I just wanted to start the hype off with this short message. 

Draw Brawl is easy enough for an eight year old to play but captivating enough for a 110 year old to play. Imagine a game where you get to draw your character for each round, prepare for battle with eighty possible card effects and roll to determine who dies first! 

Draw Brawl is coming soon!

How to Survive the Toxicity of Life


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Stop reading the news. Any vital information will make its way to you without you seeking it.

Stop blaming even one of your problems on anyone else. You cannot solve a problem if you do not claim it.

Stop expecting things to happen. Waiting for life to throw you a lifesaver isn’t nearly as effective as swimming. Stagnating is wasting your gifts.

Stop expecting apologies. No one owes anyone anything. Let people be who they are. If you don’t like it, find new people. Forgiving and forgetting are the most common qualities in happy people.

Stop making excuses. The reality is that everything that’s good takes time and patience and effort.

Start reading in between the lines. See the lessons in negative situations.

Start taking responsibility for every circumstance and you’ll regain power over self.

Start setting things up to happen and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see some dominoes fall.

Start being the bigger person in every situation so that you can move past whatever it is you find yourself stuck in.

Time to Reflect


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Kenny Rogers said it best, “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table…” 

This can be taken a number of ways, but generally speaking, it appears to hold the same lesson within. Stop getting ahead of yourself. 

I am constantly getting ahead of myself, and that’s common for just about everyone. Patience is a virtue for a reason.

Getting ahead of yourself is more than just being impatient though. Staying at the right pace takes more focus than the average joe has.

When you’re going through hell, do not give up. Do not look at your past until you find yourself in a place you want to be. However much or little you think you have can change in a moment’s notice.

Counting your money at the table could also mean wasting time. You counting is not changing the amount you made.

If you are in a good place, it might be a good time to count, so to speak.

If you’re getting something different from Kenny Roger’s song, please do share.

I personally like looking back on my accomplishments and avoided disasters every time I have an extra long time to contemplate life. Even small accomplishments like drinking BPA-free water remind you that life isn’t all bad.

Spiritual Lessons for Those with Open Minds


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You cannot accept anything new into your life with a closed mind. This applies spiritually, mentally, health-wise, socially, sexually, professionally, family-wise and otherwise.

An open mind is not usually foolish. Being open means weighing the benefits of every decision.

Most importantly, do not conflict with your values. Hypocrisy is a common hindrance to progress.


With Love,



P.S. Despite my warnings about abandoning TTSP, something within keeps bringing me back again and again. I intend to only spread positive messages.

Goodbye, Internet


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The congressmen who claim to have been representing the people have voted to end online privacy laws (52 to 49).

While most of us feel that we have nothing to hide, I feel that any information, despite how positive intentions are, can and will be used against one. I will be weaning off of the internet entirely. I cannot recommend that anyone does the same, but I will not suggest the opposite.

It baffles me that a majority of the world still trusts strangers to represent their best interests when no proof has ever been given that it is to our benefit.

Whatever doesn’t eventually get removed will be here for you all to remember me by.


With love,

The Creator of TTSP



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I never realized how unconscious I was until I started being conscious about consciousness. Ask yourself what am I doing? Why am I doing it?

Not just now, but every day and every time something takes your mind away, ask yourself. Sentient beings cannot improve their ability to think without being aware of why, what and where the thoughts are. Not every thought is original. This goes especially for negative thinking.

Reduce your anxiety, increase your energy, raise your empathy and improve thinking all by being aware of what you’re doing, why, how and where.

Also, spiritually, you need food. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from food, it’s that unhealthy food takes longer and harsher periods to digest. When you know something is the truth, you mentally digest it much faster than something negative or false.

To be happy, we need to tell ourselves positive truths, eat healthy food regularly and evaluate our thinking processes.

California & Whatnot


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I’ve created a print-friendly, social-media friendly outlet for food places, fun and good / temporary deals. Even if you do not live here in California, my magazine is free to download and could be the reason you take a vacation here.



What you might find in an issue of California & Whatnot:

  • Great Small Businesses
  • Vacation Ideas
  • Must-see Attractions
  • Local Comics
  • New Experiences
  • Food Art
  • Artist Features
  • California Photography
  • Local Deals


Notice the page next to the “Home” tab at the top of the page. Next to it is the newest addition to TTSP, ‘California & Whatnot’. Go there to claim your FREE copy of California & Whatnot #1.


Dear Humans


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You are being observed every moment. Your thoughts emit vibrations that can be read. Your feelings cannot be masked to the rest of the universe.

Fear not, for we do not wish you harm. Rather, we wish that you join us in our galactic federation. Humankind holds information vital to our mission and once extraterrestrial life becomes accepted, we hope to see you working with us.

Our mission is love and to free all prisoners of control of all types. Money is the strongest program in use to control the masses. How many hours per day do you slave mentally and physically for money?

We bring you only truth which you can always check for yourselves. Please feel not the need to accept the truth because you are told but instead because you value truth. Positivity will come to those who practice love with truth.

The time is near. Humans have a short period to come together.